Method to Build Unlimited Backlinks for your Blog

Who in the internet market don’t want to build unlimited backlinks to boost their result on the mighty Google and other search engines and if those are available of free and unlimited than don’t about the others but I’m surely going to grab that opportunity with both of my hands.

Though, many of bloggers like me thinks that getting backlinks after paying some bucks is a more secured way but let me tell it is none more than a myth. Free and unlimited backlinks from reliable sources are as effective as the paid ones.

Though, I’ve to be little patient and need to do some hard work to get these freebees. It will work out slowly but surely to boost my website and to pop up my results higher to the search results.

Here is the method you may call it as algorithm which I think is surely going to be profitable for the bloggers like me.

#1 Searching the Keywords on Google

If you look at the name it seems to be very easy that all I need to do is searching a few words on Google, but the catch is that the search is going to be little different.

After writing the keywords on Google I’ve to select the option Blogger available on the upper slide when we open Google. If it is not there then try to find it out in ‘MORE’. Below is the screenshot which will help you finding that option.

Google Search

#2 Findings Blogs with Higher PageRank

After I get the search result the next thing I’ve to do is selecting the domains with higher PageRank than mine. Those website could be very beneficial to me as they already have the good quality backlinks and association with them will surely help me.

#3 Pasting the Link of Blog

After selecting the websites with higher PageRank the next thing I need to do is pasting the link of my blog in the comment section of the website.

Blog Comments

Once I’ve pasted the link then my website is automatically attached with that particular website and if any visitor clicks on that link then he/she will be navigated to my pages.

So this is how you can get the unlimited and easy backlinks to your website and trust me it is the best way of link building today if your current situation like me doesn’t allow you to spend money on this topic. As much as I’ll comment on the websites more websites will be connected to my website.

More the website interlinked more traffic will get navigated to my results and I’ll earn more money, which is ultimately the sole reason of starting a blog and I think most of the bloggers agrees with me on that. Isn’t it!

So folks don’t waste time in thinking and just start building the free unlimited backlinks to your website as soon as possible because competition is too high and the best who believes in action only can survive here among the big fishes of the market.

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