Does Over Link Building Affect Your Blog Rank?

Link building is something which is done by most of the bloggers today including me as well for improving my PR and reputation in the market. There are several ways by which I can build a good number of links for my profit.

But, according to an old saying excess of everything is bad and same is the case here with link building. Doing over link building not just affect my website on search result but it also affects my old work before link building. So it is necessary to do link building within the limits and defined criteria by Google.

Over link Building affects your Blog Ranking

Here are some of the ways which can cause over link building and ultimately you’ll face the loss. So it is better to be aware of these below things.

#1 Excessive Link Buying

Google always prefers the natural links on a website for improving its page rank and showing that website higher in its results. The main concern about natural link building is it take so much of the time and most of the bloggers don’t want to spend too much time on that.

To overcome this time concern bloggers has found a new way of link building. Though, this way is prohibited according to the norms of Google but there is always a solution to every problem. The solution to this problem is to buy links in such a way that Google takes it as a natural link.

Doing this is not so easy but not too hard. Whenever buying the link for my website I just need to take care if one thing only that I should not buy more than 2-3 links in a day.

According to the Google norms a website can build those much of links in a day but if building links more than that by any other process except natural link building will surely have a negative effect on my website.

#2 Trying Too Much At One Time

Buying links is only one of the ways to build backlinks. There are several other ways which are used to build the links for my website. Some of them are guest posting, commenting, social media and others.

These ways are quite effective in link building if doing in limit but excess of them too cause a loss in PR and profit. Doing excess guest posting will show your name everywhere and once it comes in the eye of Google then you’ll be penalized for that.

Excess commenting will also have the same result and once Google has penalized you for something then it is almost impossible to get your PR back again as you’ll be having the worst record according to the Google’s norms.

You even can’t make Google understand that you won’t do that again as Google is not a human it works on the basis of an algorithm and according to my knowledge algorithms doesn’t understand the promise and other emotions so if you’re penalized once then that blog of yours in of no use now. I think now you’ll take care of these things while doing link building. Isn’t it!

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