Protect yourself from the new Search Algorithm by Google – Hummingbird Algorithm

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Google, the Search Engine giant has been becoming more complex with the release of new algorithms often to maintain their standard of giving quality information to the user quires.

Yesterday, in the midst of reported, Mr. Amit Singhal, the senior vice president of Google Search, exclaimed that the new algorithm has been released in the name of Hummingbird wherein this Hummingbird would affects 90 per cent of worldwide searches via Google. And notably, he mentioned that this algorithm has been a month ago and it started to show it affects and effects but we are officiating today among everyone.

Google New Search Algorithm Hummingbird Algorithm

What is the need of Hummingbird Algorithm:

The Internet usage has been increasing at a rapid growth where maintaining the quality has been a problem for all. So Google on trying to keep them a quality standard with the pace of increasing evolution, they implement many search engine algorithms which would scatter the needs of users in quality and standardical way. With th increase in complicated quires, Google came out it with traditional structures like Boolean search or the keyword-based model which will pick the related word from quires and gives the user information. But now it has been deteriorating as we have many information on the same keyword as this concepts also withdrawn as the keyword may have different meaning on each search by user where the mismatch occurrence rate is high.

Eventually, the new Algorithm “Hummingbird” will work on the match of the meaning for the queries escalated by the user with the documents of information in the internet with its utmost effort query match with same meaning with the quality.

Effects and Affects of Hummingbird Algorithm:

The web has grown exponentially, where everyone relies on it for everything. The devices has made it comfortable for us to get in any information on the go without nay ease.

As it has been said, this algorithm has been silently retooled in the search engine for the past one month to know the effect of it for getting the right information for the use query.

This formula has been initiated due to the high search demand of complex quires from web surfers. Thus under the control of Hummingbird Algorithm, Google aim to alternate the search dramatically by revising the indexed websites like the same way which was done three years back in the name of Caffeine. This would eventually impact on the traffic of the websites and Google authorities estimate that around 90% of the search requests will be analyzed properly before throwing out the related information for the user query. So indirectly this Hummingbird Algorithm would reshuffle the Google’s search rankings.

Added to it, due to the release of new Hummingbird Algorithm, the price of the Google ads will also dive up to the ads which are tied to search requests. If you have wanted to rank your website by giving an ad to Google for a keyword, then now you should be ready to pay a price more than ever for ranking it on search engine. But doing it so, you will quality leads, as this ad will be posted up only for the high end matched keyword query by the user. As you would have known by know by now, that Hummingbird Algorithm main motive is to give Google’s search engine a understanding concept for a better grasp.

Tips to Recover and Protect from being attacked by Hummingbird Algorithm:

The complexity of queries has been increased where the people instead of searching for few words related to their query than now by posting he full lengthy questions in the search box for getting the apt information regarding it. Also adding to it, the new technology naming the Voice Search by the Google has also increased the complexity as the people have started to submit the search request as a sentence which is spoken in day to day life which is similar to a conversation which is again a length search making Google more tough to give them the right information. So these made Google to come out with the new update of formula called the Hummingbird Algorithm to make the search more diversified with a aim of matching the query of the users.

Tips to Recover your Traffic from Hummingbird Algorithm :

1. Remove all the low quality contents an write original and high quality articles which gives more information on the topic covering all aspects related to the topic.

2. Build High quality and relevant backlinks from trusted sources.

3. Stop Keyword Stuffing, instead write contents and mainly titles according to the lengthy search by users.

4. Get lots of Social Signals


So being a common man, we can’t do anything as off now for the arrival of this Algorithm. So it’s better we wish Happy Birthday Google as it has been released on the birthday of Google to make it more better, better than ever for the people query. Be happy that at least now we found the reason of traffic drop which was happening to many of us in the recent days without any knowledge. Google wants themselves to be in good in standard and quality by serving the best for the web surfers and it’s the turn of the website owners to give standard and quality contents based on the user search for ranking your articles and site to drive traffic for it.

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